APM Telescopes Now Offers a 3.7-inch Deluxe Focuser for Telescopes

APM Telescopes new 3.7” Deluxe Focuser is a rack and pinion focuser with 10:1 focusing. It remains constant and rigid even under high weight loads, making it ideal for astro imaging uses.

APM’s attention to detail extends into every facet of its design, even down to the eyepiece adapters included with the purchase. The adapters use a newly designed collar clamp mechanism that ensures your accessory is held evenly from all sides. The self-centering brass collar does a superior job of holding your accessories evenly, while helping to correct the alignment and centering of your favorite gear.

Specifications include:

– Focuser: 3.7″ R&P Focuser, Rotation 360°

– Travelling distance: 98mm

– Connection to eyepiece: M68, 2″ and 1.25″

The focuser ships with:

– 2″/1,25″ adapter

– Shoe for finder bracket

– Adapter M82 x 1 ID

– Adapter M82 x 1 OD to M68 x 1 ID

– Adapter M68 x 1 OD to M63 x 1 ID

– Adapter M63 x 1 OD to 2″ APM Fast Lock

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