Apertura 75Q Refractor

The Apertura 75Q refractor from High Point Scientific is a fully corrected quintuplet refractor utilizing Sharpstar FCD optics. Designed specifically for astrophotography, the Apertura 75Q provides near-perfect color correction and full-frame compatibility without the need for an external flattener.

Apertura 75Q RefractorThe Apertura 75Q refractor offers a Petzval design that eliminates the need for precise spacing to achieve a flat field. This is extremely beneficial for those using more advanced or obscure imaging components that are not brand-specific to one another.

When using a dedicated OSC (one shot color) camera there isn’t a need for a filter drawer as the Apertura 75Q includes the built in ability to mount a 2″ mounted filter. A 1.25″ adapter is included so that you can add a 1.25″ diagonal to this scope for visual use (the telescope does not support a 2″ diagonal due to the limited focus distance).

The Apertura 75Q has a short focal length of 405 mm and weighs just 6.8 pounds, which works well with a number of EQ mounts (other than the smallest of the star trackers) and offers the opportunity for an extremely portable imaging system.

As the High Point Scientific team notes, “HOYA FCD-100 Glass is famously known for its incredibly low-light dispersion qualities and color-correcting abilities. Compared to a standard doublet refractor, or even a triplet, this 75 mm refractor’s optics from Sharpstar will yield sharper, higher-contrast images and even better color-correction while not needing to add additional flatteners. At a focal ratio of f/5.4 at 405 mm, framing your favorite targets is a breeze. In addition, the Apertura 75Q pairs perfectly with APS-C sensors and is extremely well corrected for full-frame cameras.”

As they also note, “Petzval optical designs are typically described as eliminating the need to calculate and space the back focus distance. However, this isn’t the whole story. Scopes of this design still need the camera sensor positioned at a suitable location that allows the camera to reach focus. What the Petzval design does eliminate is the need to exactly set the spacing for great optical performance: so long as your camera is spaced out enough to reach focus, the telescope will perform optimally. The Apertura 75Q is designed to have a back focal distance around the industry standard 55mm. This is the typical back focus of a DSLR with T-adapter, or cooled astronomy camera with its included adapters.”

Built into the 75Q is a 2″ filter cell which allows you to easily add your favorite imaging filter into the optical train without disassembling your reducer or flattener. This filter cell is completely detachable and takes mere seconds to install. There is no need to purchase a third-party filter drawer to use with a dedicated OSC camera.

The Apertura 75Q refractor also comes electronic autofocuser ready out of the box providing the flexibility for seamless integration of your favorite electronic focuser for a hands-free imaging session with the ZWO ASIAIR or other remote imaging systems.

The Apertura 75Q refractor specifications include:

– Focal Ratio: f/5.4

– Telescope Aperture: 75mm (2.95″)

– Number of Refractor Elements: 5 (Quintuplet)

– Focal Length (mm): 405

– Image Circle: 44 mm

– Focuser Style: Rack & Pinion

– Focuser Size: 3″

– Focuser Speed: Dual Speed

– OTA Outside Diameter: 3.5in.

– OTA Weight: 6.8125 lb. with V Style Plate and 7.8125 lb. with D Style Plate

– OTA Length – Extended: 18.4in.

– OTA Length – Retracted: 15.2in.

You can learn more about the Apertura 75Q refractor here.

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