Apertura All Night Imaging Power Supply

The Apertura All Night Imaging Power Supply from High Point Scientific offers a large EV-grade lithium ion battery pack for remote astroimaging and more. It offers astronomy industry standard 5.5×2.1mm output ports, USB-A, USB-C PD 100W, 120V AC and all the essential cables needed for a comprehensive remote power supply.

Apertura All Night Imaging Power SupplyThe Apertura All Night Imaging Power Supply can run most imaging systems for hours thanks to its large 518Wh internal battery pack. As the High Point Scientific team notes, “To put this in perspective, typical visual system lithium power supplies supply around 150-160Wh of energy – equating to around a third of what this incredible battery is capable of!”

The Apertura All Night Imaging Power Supply is practical to use remotely as it weighs in at 12 pounds which is 5 pounds lighter than comparable popular lead-acid power supply solutions that offer less than half of this battery’s Wh capacity. It will recharge in around 8 hours with the included AC adapter, meaning you can recharge during the daylight and be ready for the next night’s session without worry.

The dual dedicated astronomy DC ports of the Apertura All Night Imaging Power Supply provide a reliable output for 12V devices as it utilizes voltage regulation technology. While some power supplies use a direct feed from their internal cells, resulting in a voltage drop as the battery drains, the Apertura All Night Imaging Power Supply uses a higher voltage 24v battery pack design that is then stepped down to 12v nominal at the 5.5×2.1mm ports. This means there is no voltage drop, with a steady output from 100% to 1%.

The Apertura power supply comes equipped with industry standard outputs including a USB-C port capable of running modern laptops and mini-PCs, AC sockets, along with cables and adapters.

Built with the common astronomy equipment standards in mind, the Apertura All Night Imaging Power Supply’s dual 12V DC power outputs use industry standard 5.5×2.1mm center-positive specification, meaning this battery will connect to most astronomy equipment on the market. To keep up with the demands of imaging systems, these DC ports support up to 10A across both ports for 120W of total power available.

With six USB ports, four USB-A and two USB-C, this power supply provides ample power for your mobile devices at your observation site. With Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 you can power up compatible devices quickly, and Stream Charge is available to provide a constant flow of power – handy for low-demand devices that would otherwise trip the Apertura All Night Imaging Power Supply’s battery saving technology.

The Power Delivery (PD) standard support is designed to power higher-demand devices such as laptops and mini-PCs and allows you to supply up to 100 Watts of power to PD compatible devices. This is more direct than using an AC adapter with the Apertura All Night Power Supply, meaning you can spend even more time on target with compatible laptops and mini-PCs.

To provide even more versatility, the Apertura All Night Imaging Power Supply has two US AC outlets. These feature Pure Sine Wave technology, for smooth 110V power delivery. With a 500W constant draw rating, these ports can cover a good variety of other equipment you may want to use.

Apertura All Night Imaging Power SupplyThis battery comes with the cables you need to get you started on your portable power journey. Covering your DC power needs are four cables – a 5.5×2.5mm 2-meter cable for mounts and devices using this larger standard, and three 5.5×2.1mm cables of varying lengths to suit a variety of situations (a 2-meter, 1-meter, and 0.5-meter).

Next are two cigarette-lighter-style to 5.5×2.1mm adapters to adapt common mount and accessories. Expanding the options further, two heavy gauge Y-splitter cables are included which increase the available 5.5×2.1mm connections to four. Finally, a PD 100W capable USB-C power cable is included to ensure you can take full advantage of this battery’s quick charging capabilities with compatible devices right out of the box.

The Apertura All Night Imaging Power Supply specifications include:

– Capacity: 518Wh

– Battery Type: Lithium Ion

– Input Recharging: Adapter DC15V/6A

– Charge Time: DC 15V/6A: ~8 Hours

– USB Output: 4x USB-A, 5V/2.1A, 9V/2A, 12V/2A | 2x USB-C, 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A, PD 100W (Left Port) & PD 18W (Right Port)

– DC Output: 2x DC 11.5~12.5V /10A (Combined 10A Max)

– AC Output: 500W Pure SineWave Output

– Operation Temperature: 37°F – 104°F (3℃-40℃)

– Dimensions: 10.82” x 7.48” x 9.07”

– Weight: ~11.9 lb.

– Voltage: 11.5 ~ 12.5V

– Amps: 10A Max

– Control Hub Features: USB 3.0.

You can learn more about the Apertura All Night Imaging Power Supply here.

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