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Image 1: Catseye XLKPs are available in extended lengths of 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 inches, in addition to the original pictured on the right.

Catseye Infinity XLKP Autocollimator Collimation Tool

Catseye Infinity XLKP Autocollimator Collimation Tool: Newtonian astrograph telescope users can now confidently take autocollimator focuser-axis alignment to the next level of precision without the need of a focuser drawtube extension. By design, Newtonian astrographs incorporate a “back-focus” position of the primary mirror’s native focal plane to facilitate image focus […]

Figure 6. The straw that broke the camel’s back. This is a two-frame mosaic of the Veil nebula in Cygnus including narrowband H-alpha and OIII data. This image required over 30-hours of total imaging time.

John Dobson Dobsonian Telescope

It’s hard to deny the impact that John Dobson had on the amateur astronomy hobby. His introduction of the Dobsonian telescope to the world in the late 60’s in combination with his grassroot outreach efforts through the creation of the Sidewalk Astronomers forever changed the landscape of our hobby. Below […]

Astrozap Telescope Dust Covers

Astrozap Telescope Dust Covers

Astrozap Telescope Dust Covers: Astronomers can get pretty finicky about cleanliness, especially when it comes to their telescope optics. The reality is that dust is everywhere and it is next to impossible to keep it entirely off a telescope’s optics. However, you don’t have to allow dust to settle on […]

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Vintage SBIG ST Astronomy Camera Review

  Vintage SBIG ST Astronomy Camera Review: Over the years, I have been amazed when reading magazine advertisements for astronomical cameras. The year-to-year advances in the quantity, quality, sophistication and automation of available options have been astounding. But, so have increases in overall prices. Yes, there are affordable cameras capable […]