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Vintage SBIG ST Astronomy Camera Review

  Vintage SBIG ST Astronomy Camera Review: Over the years, I have been amazed when reading magazine advertisements for astronomical cameras. The year-to-year advances in the quantity, quality, sophistication and automation of available options have been astounding. But, so have increases in overall prices. Yes, there are affordable cameras capable […]

Image 1: The upper left side of the Kendrick Model 208-IPP-C-3.0 Imaging Power Panel contains four 12-volt automobile-type outlets (two 5-amp, one 7-amp and one 10-amp). Other voltages are available by special order. The right side contains eight USB-3.0 ports (seven powered ports, plus one USB Standard B port). The bottom of the panel contains an LCD readout, an on/off switch and an Anderson-type jack for external power.

Kendrick Imaging Power Panel Review

Kendrick Imaging Power Panel Review   Kendrick Astro Instruments, out of Toronto, is a name that many avid amateur astronomers have known for years. I became familiar with them through their telescope dew-removal systems, several types of which I have owned over the years. Recently, they have developed several variations […]