Author: Stuart Parkerson

Image 1: The upper left side of the Kendrick Model 208-IPP-C-3.0 Imaging Power Panel contains four 12-volt automobile-type outlets (two 5-amp, one 7-amp and one 10-amp). Other voltages are available by special order. The right side contains eight USB-3.0 ports (seven powered ports, plus one USB Standard B port). The bottom of the panel contains an LCD readout, an on/off switch and an Anderson-type jack for external power.

Kendrick Imaging Power Panel Review

Kendrick Imaging Power Panel Review   Kendrick Astro Instruments, out of Toronto, is a name that many avid amateur astronomers have known for years. I became familiar with them through their telescope dew-removal systems, several types of which I have owned over the years. Recently, they have developed several variations […]

Image 1: John Stirniman holds his DIY Graceful Scope Control Joystick. Note the rotary encoder mounted on the left side of the enclosure. The encoder “rotates” the joystick coordinate system. Note also the four shortcut buttons located between the joystick and the display.

A DYI Telescope Joystick Project

A DYI Telescope Joystick Project [Tinkering: To study or improve something through the trial-and-error process of taking it apart or building it from scratch. Just as the journey is often more enjoyable than the destination, the process of tinkering is often even more fun than the result achieved.] Whether professional […]

Image 1: Designer, builder Tom Osypowski next to the Equatorial Platforms 32-inch f/2.8 SlipStream.

The 32-inch f/2.8 Equatorial Platforms Spicaeyes Dobsonian Truss Tube Telescope Offers an Ultra-Fast SlipStream Go-To Telescope with Lockwood Optics

By Tom Osypowski Tom Osypowski is the owner of Equatorial Platforms and the night sky has been his steady companion for over five decades, ever since, at the age of 12, the urge came to look up at the stars from his boyhood home in Milwaukee. Tom’s journey with building […]