CelestialChart Sky Maps for Amateur Astronomery

CelestialChart.com’s 36- by 24-inch print chart of the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

CelestialChart is a web-based tool for both amateur and professional astronomers. It specializes in doing one thing and doing it very well: Providing accurate, easy-to-read, real-time or scheduled (past or future), location-specific astronomical charts of celestial bodies and constellations.

Enter a location by city or latitude and longitude, as well as the desired date and time, and it produces a sky chart. You control the magnitudes of stars and objects charted, just as you control all other critical aspects of the graphical interface.

Because CelestialChart is web-based – and it works with all browsers with which we tested it – there’s no need to add yet another app to your device. You can print your chart to paper or to PDF. You can even add a link to your website for guests to click to access CelstialChart.com directly to view a chart with parameters you define. This is especially handy for clubs hosting star parties.

CelestialChart also features an e-commerce store from which you can purchase large print charts. We saw these first at the NEAF telescope expo, and they are simply stunning in person. Our favorite was the 36- by 24-inch Northern and Southern Hemispheres “Entire Sky” chart in full color, priced at $30US, but it’s also available in Black-and-White, if you prefer, for between $9.76 and $25, depending on grade. Single-hemisphere versions are available, as well.


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