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Kansas-based Gary Hug’s StarSync Tracker is a modified barn door-style wide-field tracker with controller and stepper driver. Built by Gary in the USA, the StarSync Tracker utilizes all aluminum and stainless-steel construction, with a solid hinge and bronze bushings. Perfect for DSLR astro imagers on the go, the tracker is […]

The Mini WASP Array

Multi-Imager Systems – Development of the MiniWASP Parallel Imaging Telescope Array at the New Forest Observatories

By Greg Parker, Emeritus Professor of Photonics Greg Parker is Emeritus Professor of the University of Southampton where he was Professor of Photonics in the School of Electronics and Computer Science. Greg lives in the New Forest (U.K.) with his wife, son, dog, cat, Koi, Celestron Nexstar 11 computer- controlled telescope, […]