Author: Stuart Parkerson

Image 1: The Hinode kit as shipped from Astro Hutech, minus the mounting base, of which there are three options.

The Astro Hutech Hinode Takes the Guess Work Out of Solar Imaging for the 2017 Solar Eclipse

By Austin Grant Austin Grant, a high-school Chemistry and Biology teacher, is a self-described perpetual hobbyist, experienced in such areas as building computers and repairing arcade equipment. Austin stumbled into astronomy several years ago and it soon became his primary interest. Being a child of the digital age, it didn’t […]

Image 1: Designer, builder Tom Osypowski next to the Equatorial Platforms 32-inch f/2.8 SlipStream.

The 32-inch f/2.8 Equatorial Platforms Spicaeyes Dobsonian Truss Tube Telescope Offers an Ultra-Fast SlipStream Go-To Telescope with Lockwood Optics

By Tom Osypowski Tom Osypowski is the owner of Equatorial Platforms and the night sky has been his steady companion for over five decades, ever since, at the age of 12, the urge came to look up at the stars from his boyhood home in Milwaukee. Tom’s journey with building […]