Accessories for Baader MaxBright II Binoviewer

The new Baader MaxBright II Binoviewer incorporates Baader’s vast experience acquired during thirty years of building astronomical binoviewers. The company builds its binoviewers to be utilized with a compliment of accessories to offer complete system solutions.

In addition to its recent release of the MaxBright II Binoviewer, Baader Planetarium has announced a number of new accessories to enhance the usability of the new binoviewer.

MaxBright II Binoviewer
Universal Alan Gee II (UAG II) Telecompressor/Reducer

This includes the new Universal Alan Gee II (UAG II) Telecompressor/Reducer which was specifically designed to work with the new MaxBright II Binoviewer.

The original Alan Gee Telecompressor Mark II was designed by Astro-Physics’s Roland Christen as a reducer for Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes while also delivering a flat field. The new Universal Alan Gee II puts the optical elements of the Alan Gee in a regular 2″ nose piece with an additional T-2-thread on the telescope side. The UAG II can be attached directly to all Baader T-2 star diagonals with the included Baader T-2/7.5 mm Extension Tube.

Other new accessories for the MaxBright II Binoviewer include a T-2 Locking Ring with lever for direct attachment of the MaxBright II onto all Baader T-2 star diagonals. Also available is a new Rotation Lock/Auxiliary-Ring which provides shortest possible adaptation of the Maxbright II Bino directly onto all Baader T-2 star diagonals (both prisms or mirrors) without any part in between that would cause an increase in optical length.

You can learn more at the Baader Planetarium website.

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