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Figure 1 – Spectrum of a Sun like star

The SkyTools 4 Imaging Model

By Greg Crinklaw Major professional observatories, such as ESO, use mathematical models of their telescope and instruments to plan their observations. It is useful to know the image scale, what exposure times to use, whether a star will bloom or if the signal will become nonlinear, and how many exposures […]

Image 1: Catseye XLKPs are available in extended lengths of 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 inches, in addition to the original pictured on the right.

Catseye Collimation Extended-Barrel XLKPs Telescope Collimation Tools Are Now Available

Newtonian astrograph telescope users can now confidently take autocollimator focuser-axis alignment to the next level of precision without the need of a focuser drawtube extension. By design, Newtonian astrographs incorporate a “back-focus” position of the primary mirror’s native focal plane to facilitate image focus at the camera CCD chip. To […]