Nikon 20×120 Type II Bigeye Binoculars

A set of exquisitely restored Nikon 20×120 Type II Bigeye Binoculars is now available from Luxxoptica, a specialty optical company located in Palm Beach, Florida that restores original World War II antique “Big Eye” optics in addition to creating their own high end reproduction optical instruments.

Nikon 20x120 Type II Bigeye Binoculars
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As the company notes about its reproduction line of binoculars, “We focus on the classic styling and beauty that developed for “Big Eye” military binoculars in the early to mid-20th century.  We integrate superior technology and performance into functional pieces of art to be enjoyed. We take our design inspiration from classic military designs of the past and bring them to you in a modern and beautiful presentation.  World War II was the peak period in Big Eye binocular design and production. We have done our best to improve the optical performance and to beautify the designs from that period and bring them to you.”

With its restoration of the one-of-a-kind set of original Nikon 20×120 Type II Bigeye Binoculars (Image 1), Luxxoptica demonstrates the company’s commitment to preserving historical optical artifacts. This pair of binoculars, a classic example of naval optical equipment, has undergone an extensive restoration process.

The Bigeye binoculars feature a powerful 20x magnification, allowing for detailed, long-range observation. The large 120mm diameter objective lenses ensure excellent light-gathering capability, providing clear and bright images even in lower light conditions. This combination of magnification and lens size made these binoculars an invaluable tool for naval observation and operations.

The restoration process of the Nikon 20×120 Type II Bigeye Binoculars by Luxxoptica involved numerous hours of meticulous work. Every surface of the binoculars was carefully restored, polished to a brilliant finish, and then plated in nickel, ensuring both durability and a stunning appearance. This not only rejuvenates the binoculars’ aesthetic appeal but also protects them from environmental factors, preserving their functionality and historical value.

Nikon 20x120 Type II Bigeye Binoculars
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All the optics have been fully restored to their original specifications. This means that these binoculars not only look like they did when they were first used but also perform with the same precision and clarity. The attention to detail in the optical restoration ensures that these binoculars provide an authentic viewing experience, just as they did in their original era.

Mounted on a polished cast aluminum monopod with original altitude adjustment hardware, these binoculars are a perfect blend of form and function. The monopod’s design allows for easy and precise adjustments, making it convenient to use these binoculars in various observational scenarios.

Luxxoptica offers white glove delivery in the US for these binoculars, ensuring they reach their new owner in immaculate condition. The binoculars are priced at 45,000US and present a unique opportunity to own a piece of history.

The company has a number of other World War II restored binocular optics from Zeiss, Nikko, Kollmorgen, Nikon and others.

As mentioned earlier, the company also makes a series of reproduction binoculars based on original models used during World War II. Shown in Images 2 and 3 is the company’s Katori model, offering a15x80mm, 60° Inclined Bigeye Binocular. The solid cast aluminum body is polished to perfection and coated with nickel. Inspired by the original 1942 design the binoculars provide a remarkable 315 feet field of view at 1000 yards, with a 4° angle, enabling detailed and extensive. With 15x magnification, these binoculars have the capability to bring distant objects into clear, crisp focus, making them perfect for both marine and terrestrial observation.

Nikon 20x120 Type II Bigeye Binoculars
Image 3

The large 80mm objective lenses are expertly crafted to gather more light, ensuring brighter and clearer images even in low-light conditions. The Porro Prism design is integral to these binoculars, ensuring high-quality image rendering and clarity, thereby enhancing the overall viewing experience. The eyepieces of these binoculars are fully adjustable, allowing users to tailor the viewing experience to their specific needs and preferences.

A complete 360-degree azimuth view empowers users to explore the horizon in its entirety, making these binoculars ideal for panoramic observations. The adjustable height feature ensures optimal comfort during use, catering to a variety of viewing scenarios and user preferences.

You can learn more about the Nikon 20×120 Type II Bigeye Binoculars and other Luxxoptica offerings here.

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