OCAL V3.0 Max Collimator

The OCAL V3.0 Max Collimator is the latest iteration of Ocal’s electronic collimation tool for Newtonian reflectors, Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes and other reflecting telescopes.

OCAL V3.0 Max CollimatorThe new version of the OCAL collimator uses a larger front lens and a CMOS sensor which is more light sensitive than the previous version. The new sensitivity provides the ability to make adjustments under very dark conditions.  The area in the center around the lens of the OCAL is now easier to distinguish from the background. This enables clean alignment even under difficult conditions, for example when a center mark obscures the lens.

The clarity of the image has also been significantly improved. With a corrector connected, the image is now much better than with previous models. The OCAL V3.0 Max Collimator has an improved camera module assembly which offers an average tilt deviation <10′, significantly reducing the error that can result from lens barrel and sensor tolerances.

You can learn more about the OCAL V3.0 Max Collimator here.

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