AstroCase for Astrophotography Cameras

The AstroCase for astrophotography cameras is a new twist on cases for astro gear by a new company that has launched this year providing cases for astrophotography cameras.

AstroCase for Astrophotography CamerasDamen Knight created AstroCase and, as he notes, “A few months back, I had a really bad day.  I was in the field, adjusting my gear, and my guide camera fell and broke when it hit the ground.  Needless to say, this really sucked so I endeavored to do something about it. After way too much time and effort on my part (and launching a whole business), I’m thrilled to introduce the AstroCase.  This is a line of cases intended to protect your camera’s finish from the sun, help protect it from breakage in case of falls and let you change colors of your equipment to help better match your other gear!

The company has initially launched four different cases. The AstroCase 2600 ($75US) fits the ZWO ASI2600MM/MC; the AstroCase 120/174 ($30US) fits the ZWO ASI120MM-Mini and ZWO ASI174MM-Mini; the AstroCase 533Q ($75US) fits the QHY 533M and the AstroCase MiniQ-1 ($US30) fits the QHY 5iii v1.

The 2600 and the 533Q cases feature strong PETG outer shells, accompanied by squishy TPU inner sleeves.  The 120/174 and Mini-Q are PETG-only cases. The cases designed for the guide-cams feature swappable nose pieces and rings, to allow installation in any standard guide-cam configuration.

You can learn more about the AstroCase for astrophotography cameras here.

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