Omegon Advanced X N 152/1200 Dobsonian

The Omegon Advanced X Dobsonian family has a new addition with the Omegon Advanced X N 152/1200 Dobsonian telescope. The Advanced X Dobsonian series scopes are designed to be perfect first telescopes at an affordable price point. The Advanced X N 152/1200 is not only the newest, but the most affordable of the series.

Omegon Advanced X N 152/1200 DobsonianWith a main mirror diameter of 152 millimeters and 94% enhanced coatings, it collects enough light to see a number of celestial objects. The slim telescope shows its strengths primarily when observing planets and star clusters. The focal length of 1200mm makes it easy to achieve slightly higher magnifications. The included 25 mm eyepiece gives 48x magnification, with additional eyepieces a range of 30x to 240x is usable.

The included Crayford focuser can accommodate 2″ and 1.25″ eyepieces with the 1.25″ adapter. The scope has TeflonĀ© bearings and tensioning springs which facilitate easy movement of the telescope in all directions, up to the zenith or around its own axis. And it achieves a fast cool-down through the main mirror fan.

The telescope is shipped in two boxes, the tube box and the base box. To keep box volume to a minimum, the base is supplied disassembled. To assemble the base, you only need a Philips-type screwdriver. Assembly takes about 20 minutes, and all supplied parts are easily put together.

The specifications of the Omegon Advanced X N 152/1200 Dobsonian include:

– Aperture: 152 mm

– Focal length: 1200 mm

– Aperture ratio: f/8

– Resolving capacity: 0.77

– Limit value (mag); 12.7

– Light gathering capacity: 470

– Max. useful magnification: 300

– Tube weight: 9 kg

– Tube diameter:183 mm

– Carrying length: 1160 mm

– Secondary mirror diameter: 34 mm

– Secondary mirror obstruction: 22

– Secondary mirror spider legs: 4-piece

– Primary mirror: Adjustable parabolic with 94% enhanced coating

– Dobson rocker box weight: 8.1 kg

– Total telescope and mount weight: 17.1kg

– Width (mm)490

– Height (mm)1260

– Eyepiece height at zenith: 1160mm

You can learn more about the Omegon Advanced X N 152/1200 Dobsonian here.

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