Optec Hercules Rotating Focuser

The new Optec Hercules Rotating Focuser is a camera rotator that also focuses, streamlining two crucial components for astrophotographers. It seamlessly integrates with a telescope setup offering a compact design, advanced features, and precise focus control.

Optec Hercules Rotating FocuserSlightly smaller and compact than its big brother, the Gemini focusing rotator, it provides the same high-level ability to combine camera field rotation with telescope focus. With a large 3-inch clear aperture and a travel distance of approximately 0.35 inches (equivalent to about 9mm), the Hercules ensures optimal flexibility for achieving the perfect focus while maintaining a sleek profile, with a thickness of less than 2 inches.

Hercules provides a full 3-inch clear aperture and 0.35” (about 9mm) of travel while maintaining a thickness less than 2-inches. Optec’s ASCOM and Alpaca drivers facilitate traditional guide-star acquisition as well as Alt-Az de-rotation, image orientation and composition in addition to the traditional guide-star acquisition capability. Hercules is available in a standard version as well as Takahashi Epsilon E130, E160 and E180 kits.

The Optec Hercules Rotating Focuser Specifications include:

– Clear aperture: 76.2mm

– Height: 8.17″ (208mm)

– Width: 7.48″ (190mm)

– Thickness: 1.81″ to 2.16″ (46.0 to 54.9mm)

– At midpoint: 1.99″ (50.5mm)

– Weight: 3.5lb (1.6 kg)

– Telescope side interface: OPTEC-3600 receiver

– Camera side interface: OPTEC-3000 3-inch receiver

– Total focuser travel: 0.350″ (8.89mm)

– Total focuser steps: 112,000 steps

– Total focuser resolution: 0.079 micron/step

– Total rotator steps: 168,000 steps

– rotator resolution: 7.7 arc seconds / step

– Rotation Speed: variable, ~ 3 degrees/second

– Electronics circuit board: Internal

– Communications: USB-C and Ethernet

– Temperature Probe: 3.5mm socket

– Power socket: 2.5 x 5.5mm

– Power draw: 1.25A max, 0.6A while moving, 0.4A holding

– Input voltage: 12VDC

– Input connector: 2.5×5.5mm barrel plug, center pin positive

– Software compatibility: ASCOM and Alpaca

– Capabilities: Focus, Guide star acquisition, field composition, Alt-Az De-rotation

– De-Rotation: Compatible with Planewave L-mounts, TheSky X, Maxim D/L, N.I.N.A.

– Configurable: Any fully configured mount with ASCOM driver.

You can learn more about the Optec Hercules Rotating Focuser here.

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