Altair TRI-RGB 2″ Light Pollution Filter

The Altair TRI-RGB 2″ Light Pollution Filter is designed for both broadband and narrowband targets. It offers functionality for broadband objects such as mixed emission/reflection nebulae, comets, dust clouds and galaxies and allows the major emission nebulae lines through.

Altair TRI-RGB 2" Light Pollution Filter The TRI-RGB filter works well with both fast or slow focal ratio telescopes and camera lenses. While it is effective for light pollution control, it also works very well under dark skies by enhancing color purity, airglow and reducing channel crossover in color CMOS and DSLR cameras. Although primarily intended for color cameras, the Altair TRI-RGB 2″Light Pollution Filter can be used for a cleaner luminance channel with a mono camera.

It offers high transmission peaks with steep sides to enhance contrast and provides almost total suppression of unwanted light at OD4/5 (0.01%~0.001%) over the majority of unwanted visual wavelengths.

The TRI-RGB boosts contrast when used visually on both deep-sky objects and planets, especially when aimed at Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. The Altair TRI-RGB Ultra filter transmits Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sulphur, and Nitrogen light bands from emission nebulae extremely well. The high transmission enables this filter to be used on any size telescope.

The Altair TRI-RGB 2″ Light Pollution Filter offers:

– OD4/5 Blocking (0.01%~0.001%) over the majority of unwanted visual wavelengths.

– 1.85mm thick optical glass with 30 arc sec parallelism (Parfocal with Altair filters).

– Si02 “hard” overcoat with UVIR Block and Anti-Reflection Coating for durability.

You can learn more about the Altair TRI-RGB filter here.

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