ARTESKY 2″ Laser Collimator 650nm

The Artesky 2″ Laser Collimator 650nm enables precise collimation of a Newtonian or Ritchey-Chrétien telescope.

ARTESKY 2" Laser Collimator 650nm The collimator is powered by two AAA batteries and is crafted from brushed aluminum with a precisely calculated diameter of 2″ (50.8mm), fitting perfectly into a focuser. The projected laser beam, certified with a wavelength of 650nm, is very thin and well-defined so you can perform collimation both at night and during the day.

Incorporating a solid-state laser diode, the collimator maintains its integrity over time and usage. It is factory-aligned to 10 arcseconds during production ensuring an accuracy of 1.2mm at a distance of 10 meters. The front aperture has a diameter of 1mm, further narrowing the laser beam for a perfect point.

The Artesky 2″ Laser Collimator 650nm’s solid-state laser diode emits an intense laser beam through a front aperture, precisely along the central axis of the collimator’s cylindrical body. This beam serves as a “reference line” for alignments. It’s crucial for a laser collimator that the beam aligns with the cylindrical axis, as misalignment would result in off-center and asymmetric optical alignment, producing aberrated images.

Built to withstand shocks to maintain alignment – even when dropped – this collimator is factory collimated, retaining alignment despite transport and use. A convenient shockproof carrying case is included to prevent potential impacts.

You can learn more about the Artesky 2″ Laser Collimator 650nm here.

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