Celestron Tabletop Tripod

The Celestron Tabletop Tripod eliminates the need for a full-height tripod and provides grab-and-go convenience when added to the Celestron NexStar Evolution, NexStar SE and now, the new Celestron Origin telescope.

Celestron Tabletop TripodCompact and sturdy, the Celestron Tabletop Tripod is half the size and weight of a standard tripod, making it perfect for travel. The low-profile legs and wide footprint offer added stability, while the convenient tabletop design makes it easier for some observers (especially children) to access the eyepiece.

Setup is quick and easy compared to a full-height tripod. Simply place the Tabletop Tripod on a camp table, bench, tailgate, or any other flat surface. With a footprint of just 17.5” x 16”, it offers a wide range of versatile options. To use, open and level the tripod legs, attach the mount and telescope, and its ready to go.

The Tabletop Tripod has adjustable knobs on each leg and a bubble leveler on the mount plate to ensure the setup is level before adding the mount and telescope. Just like the NexStar SE, NexStar Evolution, and Celestron Origin’s standard tripod, the Tabletop Tripod has three captured screws on the underside of the mount plate so the mount and telescope can be securely locked in place. When not in use, the Tabletop Tripod’s legs fold inward and stow under the mount plate for easy storage and transport.

The Celestron Tabletop Tripod specifications include:

– Tripod Weight: 6.8 lbs (3.08 kg)

– Tripod Height (open): 177.8mm (7″) at lowest setting

– Tripod Length (closed): 279.4mm (11″)

– Tripod Footprint (open): 444.5mm x 406.4mm (17.5″ x 16″)

– Tripod Diameter (closed): 241.3mm (9.5″)

– Length of feet Adjustment: 35.56mm (1.4″)

– Tripod Leg Diameter: 38.1mm (1.5″) Stainless Steel

You can learn more about the Celestron Tabletop Tripod here.

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