Rigel Systems William Optics REDCAT Focuser Updates

The Rigel Systems crossbar-stepper for William Optics REDCAT has been updated and improved to provide increased functionality. It works by providing a rubber focus ring gear that is easily stretched and pulled over the camera/telescope focus ring to provide gear teeth that engage with the drive gear on Rigel Systems’ stepper motor for positive non-slip focusing using the nSTEP stepper motor controller.

Rigel Systems William Optics REDCAT Focuser UpdatesThis option is just one of the approaches Rigel Systems offers to add autofocus to telescopes and cameras using focus rings and helical focusers.

The updated crossbar-stepper for William Optics REDCAT utilizes a Tilta Seamless Focus Gear Ring which doesn’t slip even on stiff focus rings. It is easily stretched and pulled over the camera/telescope focus ring to provide gear teeth that engage with the drive gear on the stepper motor for positive non-slip focusing. To slip the Tilta focus gear over the focus ring, front or back optics diameter has to be <= of the focus ring diameter.

Additional camera/telescopes can be accommodated by purchasing appropriate diameter Tilta Seamless Focus Gear Rings which are inexpensive and available for focus rings up to 92mm diameter. Rigel Systems recommends buying a ring one size below the focus ring diameter for tight fit, and information on how to purchase from Tilta is available from the Rigel Systems website.

Rigel Systems also offers a Split Gear Kit which offers a split gear option that works with very large diameter focus rings and systems with ADM or Losmandy rings. Using a split gear limits focusing range to approximately 300 degrees of rotation. The Split Gear Kit includes a stepper, ADM ring with Stepper bracket, and one split gear.

In addition to these, Rigel Systems offers a wide variety of motorized focus options, as Dr. Leon Palmer of Rigel Systems notes, “Our design is modular, controller and steppers can be moved between telescopes quickly and easily, saving costs to the customer. We’ve done over 100 different types and variations including Williams Optics, Takahashi, Coronado, JMI, Astro Tech, Baader, Borg, Cave, Meade, Skywatcher, Tectron, TMB, Vixen, Cave, Zhumell and more. With a couple of photos and a few simple measurements, we can craft a STEPPER focus motor kit that will fit your focuser at no additional cost.”

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