Vaonis Hestia Eclipse Package

With the Vaonis Hestia Eclipse Package you receive the Vaonis Hestia Smartphone-Dedicated Smart Telescope, Hestia premium tripod, a hard case, and a dedicated solar filter. This package gives you everything you need to view the upcoming April solar eclipse.

Vaonis Hestia Eclipse PackageThe Hestia transforms your smartphone into a smart telescope in just a few easy steps. Simply setup the Hestia outside, place your smartphone onto the device, line your smartphone camera up with the Hestia ocular, and launch the free Vaonis Gravity app.

Vaonis has offers a user-friendly design, walking you through the installation and alignment process with animated graphics and clear instructions. The Gravity app provides insights into when seeing conditions may be best and a built-in planetarium to make finding interesting targets easy. Vaonis have also added additional astronomical information and facts into Gravity to provide an immerse experience.

The Vaonis Hestia Eclipse Package brings a full set of Hestia accessories including the dedicated solar filter. Whether you are experiencing the upcoming solar eclipse or checking out the current the activity of the Sun, you can expand your smart telescope experience to daytime viewing.

Highlights of the Vaonis Hestia Eclipse Package include:

– Positioning the smartphone on Hestia’s ocular provides enhanced sharpness and magnification by 5x and 25x, respectively.

– Utilizing the Hestia solar filter facilitates easy capture of solar activity like the upcoming eclipse, sunspots, and more while ensuring detailed and precise images.

– Nighttime observation with Hestia reveals in-depth lunar details and allows for capturing bright deep sky objects with high clarity.

– Setup is quick and easy by attaching the Hestia head to the included tripod and aligning the smartphone camera.

– The Hestia is designed with a patented 6-lens system featuring a 30mm objective and prisms for optimal light transmission, ensuring pristine optical quality.

– Customizable magnets accommodate various smartphone sizes and designs, while the absence of electronics in Hestia extends its lifespan.

– Included is a tripod with pan and tilt fluid head and 3/8″ thread.

– The Hestia offers a 1.8° field of view and a limiting stellar magnitude of 7-8.

– The Hestia offers the opportunity to save images in JPEG and TIFF formats.

You can learn more about the Vaonis Hestia Eclipse Package here.

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