The ZWO ASI585MC Pro is a color USB 3.0 camera featuring the Sony IMX585 CMOS 1/1.2″ sensor. It has 8.29mp resolution (3840×2160) and a pixel size of 2.9μm, offering more than enough resolution quality and pixel size for enjoyable color imaging for both planetary and deep sky objects. The sensor also uses the Sony Starvis 2 technology, further improving sensitivity.

ZWO ASI585MC ProEquipped with a USB 3.0 interface, the ASI585MC Pro incorporates 512MB DDR3 memory to ensure reliable and stable data transfer, reducing the risk of frame interruption and data loss during exposures.

The IMX585 sensor features a back-illuminated design, offering a full well capacity of 47Ke, allowing for long exposure times in low-light conditions, resulting in better signal-to-noise ratio. Improved sensor circuitry and mechanical design prevent amp glow, ensuring high-quality frames even at high gain settings and long exposure times.

The ZWO ASI585MC Pro uses two-stage TEC cooling minimizing excess heat and noise during long exposures. Having adequate cooling in a camera is important, especially for astrophotography since heat causes excess noise and dark current which can be especially apparent with longer exposures. The two stage TEC cooling lowers the sensor temperature to 35°C below ambient ensuring excess heat doesn’t interfere with sensor performance.

The camera features an HCG mode to minimize read noise at higher gain settings, maintaining image quality. It activates automatically when the gain exceeds 252, achieving a dynamic range of 11 bits and reducing read noise to as low as 0.9e. ZWO has conducted extensive tests revealing a 91% peak quantum efficiency, indicating the sensor’s ability to convert photons into an electric charge efficiently.

With improved sensor circuitry and mechanical design, the IMX585 doesn’t suffer from amp glow which can be apparent in long exposed frames due to imperfections and variations in sensor quality throughout the frame. This ensures high quality frames regardless of how high the gain is or exposure time, making the ASI585MC Pro performs for a wide variety of astrophotography setups.

The ASI585MC Pro features USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and DC 12V ports, allowing connectivity with a computer, ZWO ASIAIR or EAF. The DC 12V connection is required to enable cooling. Various adapters and accessories are available, ensuring compatibility with standard 55mm backfocus setups.

The ZWO ASI585MC Pro specifications include:

– ADC: 12 bit

– Frames Per Second: 47 fps

– Full Well Capacity: 47Ke

– Pixel Size: 2.9μm

– Quantum Efficiency: QE 91%

– Readout Noise: 0.9e

– Resolution: 3840×2160 8.29mp

– Sensor Size: 1/1.2″

– USB Port: USB 3.0

The ZWO ASI585MC Pro is available from Woodland Hills Telescope here. They have been a preferred partner with our magazine for over 15 years. We know them personally, they care about amateur astronomy as we do, and they are such good people, so we are happy to recommend them. The ZWO manufacturer information is available here.

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