The ZWO ASI664MC color camera is among the latest offerings from ZWO providing an excellent option for planetary, lunar and solar imaging.

ZWO ASI664MCThe ZWO ASI664MC utilizes Sony’s STARVIS 2 technology which helps produce exceptional image quality through its back illuminated sensor design. The increased sensitivity to near infrared (NIR) offers heightened performance in low light for an enhanced astroimaging experience.

The 4.15MP Sony IMX664 sensor includes a small pixel size of 2.9um, a large full well capacity of 36.5Ke, and 12bit ADC for highly detailed images with excellent dynamic range. The low readout noise of 0.46e and high peak QE of 91% provides an excellent signal to noise ratio within the frames captured.

The camera offers a DDR3 memory buffer which provides an extra 256MB of internal memory which significantly reduces buffer speeds during image transfer, allowing for high-speed imaging in a smooth, seamless manner.

The onboard USB3.0 comes furnished with a large bandwidth, fully supporting the high frame rate of 95MP at full 4.15MP. The ASI664MC can be connected directly to the auto guide port of a mount through the ST4 port for guiding capabilities.

The camera incorporates an anti-reflective (AR) coated protective window which serves to improve Ultraviolet (UV) and Near-Infrared (NIR) performance, allowing the ZWO ASI664 to capture a broader spectrum of light with greater precision.

The camera also offers a built-in HCG mode, which can effectively reduce readout noise at high gain and keep the dynamic range at the same level as it does at low gain.

The ZWO ASI664 specifications include:

Color or Mono: Color

Cooled or Uncooled: Uncooled

Pixel Size in Microns: 2.9

Sensor: Sony IMX664 sensor

Sensor Type : CMOS

Sensor Size: 1/1.8″

Effective Pixel Array: 2704 x 1536

Effective Pixels: 4.15

Back Illuminated Sensor Dimensions: 7.8 mm x 4.5 mm

Sensor Diagonal: 9mm

Image Buffer: 256MB DDR3 Memory

Peak Quantum Efficiency (QE): 91

Native Bit Depth: 12

Max FPS or Full Frame Rate: 95

Amp Glow Control: Zero Amplifier Glow

Shutter: Electronic Rolling Shutter

ST-4 Type Guide Por: Yes

Camera Window: AR

Computer Interface: USB3.0

Telescope Interface Thread Type (with proper adapters): M42

You can learn more about the ZWO ASI664MC here.

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