10Micron AZ 2500 DDS

One of 10Micron’s latest projects is the 10Micron AZ 2500 DDS (Direct Drive System), a computerized altazimuth mount with integrated focuser/derotator software control. The direct drive mount is designed for exceptional performance, including high alignment speed and excellent tracking accuracy.

10Micron AZ 2500 DDSThe 10Micron AZ 2500 DDS combines the most modern technologies available in mechanics, electrical, electronics, software and design: every single function and component has been incorporated to achieve the highest level of efficiency.

Due to the azimuthal design, an image field rotator is required for astrophotography. The mount is designed for the use of two optics (75 + 75 kg), which optimizes the load on the mount and takes advantage of the azimuthal design.

The 10Micron AZ 2500 DDS includes a robust keypad (hand controller) with metal housing and reliable, professional microswitches. The large graphic display is heated for use at the lowest temperatures and offers a dimmable display and buttons, with LED backlit buttons. It offers a five-line information menu for coordinates, object information and symbols for the status of the mount as well as active external connections and accessories. A separate PC is not necessary as all functions of the mount can be controlled via the keypad.

The specifications on the 10Micron AZ 2500 DDS include:

– Mount type: Azimuth mount with direct drive and high-resolution direct encoders on the axes

– Weight: 76kg

– Telescopic payload: 7kg + 75 kg (dual telescope integration)

– Axle bearing: Premium quality, high precision bearings

– Motors: Professional direct drive motors; No worm gear or drive belt, no gear backlash

– Encoders: High resolution absolute encoders

– Power Supply: 48V

– Electricity Requirement: 10A peak load

– Goto Speed: More than 40°/sec

– GoTo Accuracy: < 10″ RMS with 25 stars for internal mount modeling, max 100 stars. Automatic modeling software available.

– Average Tracking Accuracy: Typically 1″ at 15 minutes / 0.6″ RMS with internal 25 star model.

– Security Features: Mechanical stops in both axes, cable protection logic, protection against collision and lack of balance.

– Safety brakes: Electromechanical brakes and stops in the vertical axis for protection in the event of a lack of balance.

Size: 460x288x669mm

You can learn more about the 10Micron AZ 2500 DDS here.

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