Astra180 USB All Sky Camera

The Astra180 USB All Sky Camera from StarSync Trackers is a great tool to see sky conditions to aid your astronomy work or to just enjoy unique nighttime and daytime views of the sky.

Astra180 USB All Sky Camera The Astra180 USB Camera is a USB astronomy camera in a weatherproof housing enclosure that can be mounted permanently outdoors. It is equipped with a fisheye lens and is designed to take wide field images of the sky. Inside the All-Sky Camera is a USB3 Player One Ceres-C camera which uses the Sony IMX224 sensor.

The All-Sky Camera is equipped with a ~ 3-watt dew heater. To prevent the camera from overheating and minimize thermal noise, the dew heater is outfitted with a temperature sensor that activates the heater only when temperatures are below ~70F(21C) and is turned off when it is higher than ~80F(27C).

The Astra180 USB’s camera is powered by the USB connection itself, while the heater needs a separate DC power with 5 Volts and rated for at least 1.5 Amps. The camera’s power supply features a weather-resistant connector and comes equipped with a 32-ft low-voltage cable on one end and a 9-ft AC voltage cable on the other. The camera’s USB is connected directly to a computer using a USB cable, which is plugged into the computer’s USB port.

There are several software options for utilizing the Astra180 USB All Sky Camera. General image capture software such as KStars/EKOS, NINA, FireCapture, SharpCap, MaximDL and others can be used to operate the Astra180 but may not unlock all of its abilities. UFOCapture is a software option that is intended for capturing celestial occurrences such as vivid meteors and has a longstanding history of recording brilliant fireballs.

The AllSkEye application is a free, dedicated Windows ‘All-Sky’ imaging app for use with astronomical all-sky cameras. This software package offers an extensive range of features and includes built-in drivers and provides support for both ASCOM and INDIGO. The software offers numerous features specifically tailored for all-sky use. While the free version is highly capable on its own, the PRO version, which comes with a nominal fee, offers additional exclusive features.

The Astra180 USB All Sky Camera features and capabilities include:

– Get instant status of remote or local observatory sky conditions

– See clouds before they get in your frame

– Visualize sky conditions from night to night

– Can show the Milky Way (event winter Milky Way), Aurora, smoke, air glow, even high thin clouds

– Compatible with many software packages

– ASCOM Compatible

– INDI Compatible

– 180°x130° and 180°x180° lens options available

– USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 compatible)

– Capable of capture still images and video

– 1.2 Mega Pixels (1304×976)

You can learn more about the Astra180 USB All Sky Camera here.

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