ESATTO 2” LP Low Profile Robotic Focuser

The ESATTO 2” LP Low Profile Robotic Focuser is among the latest offerings from PrimaLuceLab. With just 0.03 microns per step resolution, a high load capacity of over 11 pounds, and a lithe 32 mm body, the ESATTO 2” LP offers performance as well as all the most advanced technologies, such as a USB-C port, PrimaLuceLab ARCO rotator compatibility, Wi-Fi connection, a selection of adapters for specific cameras/telescopes and more.

ESATTO 2” LP Low Profile Robotic FocuserThe ESATTO 2” LP Low Profile Robotic Focuser is an extremely compact low profile robotic focuser designed for telescopes with low backfocus such as the Celestron EdgeHD 8”. At just 32mm of thickness, the ESATTO 2” LP provides a large 50.9mm free aperture with 10mm of travel, 5 kg of payload capacity and a resolution of 0.03 microns per step. And like all the other ESATTO focusers, it comes with a USB-C port to control it from a PrimaLuceLab EAGLE computer or any Windows computer.

The ARCO port lets you easily connect to PrimaLuceLab ARCO rotator camera rotator and field de-rotator to the ESATTO without the need for additional USB or 12V power cables. The Wi-Fi connection provides wireless control with a smartphone or tablet or the ESATTO Virtual HandPad app for visual use. There are many threaded camera adapters with stop ring on the camera side to rotate and keep the camera in the optical axis.

The ESATTO 2” LP Low Profile Robotic Focuser is compact and lightweight as its design allows the ability to connect it to the Celestron EdgeHD 8″ telescope without touching the primary mirror lock knobs and the manual focus knob. This way, with a body thickness of just 32mm, users can take advantage of a motorized focuser with 50.9mm free aperture.

The ESATTO 2” LP comes with PrimaLuceLab PLAY, the astrophotography software that seamlessly integrates with any telescope, mount and accessories. PLAY includes many features needed for astrophotography and it provides the ability to configurate a telescope by selecting OTA and mount provided with ASCOM drivers (tested with ASCOM platform 6.5 and later), control focus with ESATTO or SESTO SENSO 2 and camera rotation with ARCO. In order to utilize PLAY, users need to have a SATTO focuser or SESTO SENSO 2 focusing motor.

The ESATTO 2” LP Low Profile Robotic Focuser is available in a package that includes the ESATTO 2″ LP low profile focuser, the ARCO 2″ rotator and the adapter to connect them, allowing the ability to take remote control of focusing and rotation.

You can learn more about ESATTO 2” LP Low Profile Robotic Focuser here.

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