PlateSolveCam is an iOS app in beta that provides the ability for plate solving on your iPhone or iPad.

PlateSolveCamAs the publisher notes, “It is a simple app that plate solves the night sky instantly on an iOS smart device. The special thing about this app is that you get 3 bright stars identified each time. It works by comparing the night sky star’s positions with a catalog of known stars. PlateSolveCam uses a triangle to match the star pattern and gives an accurate result. At the moment, it is being tested on 5 parts of the sky in Singapore and in Denmark for the Big Dipper region.”

It currently is being offered as a free download during the beta testing period and after it releases out of beta, the cost for the app will be $1US. A demo of the app can be seen below and you can learn more PlateSolveCam here.

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