Masters of PixInsight Workshop

The next Masters of PixInsight Workshop is titled “Photons to Photos #12” and will be hosted virtually on April 11, 2023 at 7 PM EDT by Warren Keller and Dr. Ron Brecher who will demonstrate a complete image workflow from beginning to end. Attendees will be supplied with the Data Sets and Process Icons so you can process along and observe the steps and techniques used. You’ll be able to “Look over their shoulder” and get a peek into how and why they make their image processing decisions.

Masters of PixInsight WorkshopAs the team notes, “Our next Masters of PixInsight Workshop continues our very popular “Photons to Photos” series. Warren or Ron will demonstrate a complete workflow from beginning to end. The other instructor will monitor the chat box and answers questions on-the-fly. This allows participants to see the entire post-processing workflow from beginning to end, learning how Ron and Warren use various processes, scripts, masks and settings in context. In Photons to Photos #12, It’s Galaxy Season again! We’ll peek over Warren’s shoulder as he processes an OSC version of the Leo Triplet, from linear RGB master to finished photo.”

As the name suggests, the Masters of PixInsight Workshop provides a learning experience for PixInsight which is an advanced image processing software platform. It has been designed specifically for astrophotography and other technical imaging fields. PixInsight is a modular, open-architecture system where the entire processing and file handling capabilities are implemented as external installable modules.

PixInsight has been ported as a native 64-bit application to Linux, macOS and Windows operating systems. PixInsight is a strongly multithreaded environment able to exploit all processors and processor cores available on modern hardware.

PixInsight is both an image processing environment and a software development framework. The core PixInsight application integrates three user interfaces: a graphical interface, a command-line interface, and a scripting interface based on the JavaScript language. As a development platform, PixInsight provides the PixInsight Class Library (PCL), an ISO C++ framework for development of PixInsight modules, and the PixInsight JavaScript Runtime (PJSR), an ECMA 262-5 compliant environment readily available in the core PixInsight application.

The cost of the Masters of PixInsight Workshop is $35. You can learn more here.

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