Avalon EVO-ZERO T-POD 70 Extender 130

The Avalon EVO-ZERO T-POD 70 Extender 130 provides the ability to raise the Avalon EVO-zero mount when mated with the Avalon T-pod 70 tripod to 130 mm, providing the capability to achieve clearance when needed from the tripod during tracking.

Avalon EVO-ZERO T-POD 70 Extender 130 The compact Avalon EVO Zero Mount offers Avalons’ unique belt drive system which was designed for travelling astronomy and light setup. It weighs less then 5kg and offers a compact design (28 x 21 x 11 cm) while still provide a generous payload up to 13kg. The Avalon exclusive technology offered with the belt drive system is accomplished with timing belts and polymer fiberglass pulleys that are characterized by no backlash, no sudden spikes and no maintenance due to its improved rigidity.

There is no clutch on the RA/DEC axis offering easy setup. With telescopes within the mount payload capability, it is only required to fix them on the top clamp without performing a fine balancing adjustment. This can be facilitated without counterweights or with a small counterweight depending on the setup specifications.

The base mount design makes it easy to set the latitude degree from 0° to 90°. The Evo-zero can be fixed on the T-pod 70 tripod with a knob from the bottom base side. Resolute and accurate tracking accuracy is provided with the 400 step HQ motors assembled on both RA/DEC axis. Precise tracking and guide resolution are available thanks to the 0.1 arc sec/micro step.

The mount is controlled by AvalonStargo that includes the Stargo ASCOM driver supporting the most common astronomical software applications such as Phd2, Maxim, SGP, CartduCiel, Stellarium and more. With the INDI drivers it is possible to use Avalon EVO Zero Mount with Linux systems. StarGo also facilitates using apps such as SkiSafari so that the mount can be controlled with smart devices via Wi-Fi.

The StarGo Keypad provides the ability to “manually” move the mount on the RA and DEC axis, without PC or smart devices. It also allows focuser control, tracking speed adjustment (Sidereal, Solar, Lunar, Terrestrial) and slew speed increases and decreases.

And the Avalon EVO-ZERO T-POD 70 Extender 130 ties it all together as it provides ample clearance when mating the Avalon EVO Zero Mount to the Avalon T-pod 70 tripod which provides a light weight option (approximate weight of 3 Kg), with small overall dimensions (78 cm fully extended, 52 cm with legs completely retracted) for a hefty approximate payload of 40 Kg.

You can learn more about the Avalon EVO-ZERO T-POD 70 Extender 130 here.

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