Antlia SHO 2.8nm Ultra Series Filters

The new Antlia SHO 2.8nm Ultra series filters are narrowband filters which are available individually in H-a, SII and OIII configurations and can also be purchased as a set.

Antlia SHO 2.8nm Ultra Series FiltersThe filters use Ohara quartz glass and are optimized with a FWHM (full width half maximum) of 2.8nm+/-0.5nm and a transmission efficiency >95-97% at the emission wavelength resulting in a very high signal to noise ratio. All Antlia filters are coated to the edge of the substrate and unmounted narrowband filters are edge blackened to eliminate internal reflections from stray light.

As the Antilia team notes, “The Ohara quartz glass has an ultra-low thermal expansion coefficient with outstanding thermal and mechanical properties. Ohara synthetic fused silica is produced by vapor-phase axial deposition and provides ultra-high purity, bubble free material. When these glass characteristics are combined with advanced coating processes, these filters will provide excellent durability for imaging and research in the toughest environmental conditions. All the 2.8nm Ultra filters are 100% scanned individually, all transmission and blocking (OD) data in the box are actual, measured spectra.”

Compared with Antilia 3nm Pro series, the new Antlia SHO 2.8nm Ultra series filters show a higher transmittance of Ha/SII>97%, OIII>95%. It is estimated that these filters will provide 20-30% signal improvement in images as compared to the 3nm Pro series. In addition, the Ultra series has a 10% narrower FWHM 2.8nm+/-0.5nm.

The new Antlia SHO 2.8nm Ultra series filters narrowband filters will provide the ability to capture improved contrast and structural detail. The filters flat-top spectrum minimizes the loss in transmission due to the Center Wavelength (CWL)-shift and the out of band blocking specification is designed to OD5 (0.001%) to block interference from other wavelengths and minimize halos around bright stars. The Antlia SHO 2.8nm Ultra series filters can be used down to f/3.5 systems with minimal loss of signal.

You can learn more about the new Antlia SHO 2.8nm Ultra series filters here.

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