ATT Volume 17 Issue 2

In this issue Dr. James Dire shows he is extremely happy with the performance of the GSO 10-inch classical Cassegrain which has become one of his favorite telescopes for visual use and it has proved to be a very capable instrument of lunar and planetary imaging; Curtis Macchioni discusses how EAA with an SCT on an Alt-Az mount is becoming increasingly more popular as the relative low cost of such a setup puts it in the reach of many more people interested in astronomy; Norm Butler talks about how there are “Mystery” scopes out there that were manufactured and ultimately lost to history and how he purchased an actual telescope named Mystery…; John Crisp describes the “Holy cow!”, “Amazing!” and “That’s incredible!” responses  when sharing the views through the MaxBright II Binoviewer; Dr. James Dire does double duty this issue reviewing the GSO Eight-Inch Classical Cassegrain; plus industry news, new products and more.

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