Berlebach UNI-Auto

Berlebach UNI-Auto is a completely rethought concept as a car tripod. And while not targeted for amateur astronomers, there is no doubt ingenious amateur astronomers will find a way to get double duty out of this nifty tripod.

Berlebach UNI-AutoAs the Berlebach team notes, “Those who want to take pictures from the car in the wild are usually too slow with the classic car window tripod or the beanbag solution. Until everything is set up, the motif is mostly long gone. With the new UNI-Auto, Berlebach Stativtechnik offers a well thought-out, practical solution based on an idea by the well-known photographer and filmmaker Dietmar Nill. Based on the tripod shoulder and the leg profile of the UNI system, a tripod was developed that fits into the passenger seat and is fixed with the normal three-point belt. On the feet, which are often equipped with sharp steel tips on common tripods, the UNI-Auto scores with elegantly rounded ash wood, which does not attack even the highest quality leather upholstery and which still guarantees that the camera equipment is ready to shoot.”

To use the Berlebach UNI-Auto mount simply move the fully assembled equipment into the shooting position and open the side window glass electrically and you are ready to shoot immediately without the lens sticking out of the vehicle. This helps when viewing wildlife as the subject is therefore not scared and the longest 800 mm telephoto lens remains protected from the rain inside the vehicle.

The Berlebach UNI-Auto, which is available in natural ash wood color, is equipped with a levelling unit with a diameter of 100 mm, which can be swiveled by 15° and on which any head or tripod head can be screwed using a 3/8” fastening thread. In order to be equipped for a wide range of vehicles, each UNI-Auto is supplied with two 2 long (62/97 cm) and two short (47/72 cm) tripod legs. Depending on your wishes, two long and one short or two short and one long leg can be fitted, but this can be changed easily.

The UNI-Auto can be installed quickly, easily and without any tools. One leg to the footwell and one leg over the seat cushion to the B-pillar. In vehicles without a center console, one leg is directed towards the floor between the seats and in vehicles with a center console, one leg lies flat on the center console.

The Berlebach UNI-Auto weighs 4.10 kg and has very good vibration damping. It can be used with equipment weighing up to 20 kg. The minimum height is 17 cm, the maximum height is 70 cm and the packed length without head/panhead is 64 cm.

You can learn more about the Berlebach UNI-Auto here.

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