APM 82mm SD-Apo Binoculars

The APM 82mm SD-Apo Binoculars offer high performance in the medium binocular size range. As the APM team notes, “These binoculars offer a constant 68° field of view (as far as we know, there is no manufacturer offering zoom eyepieces with constant 68° wide field of view).”

APM 82mm SD-Apo BinocularsThe APM 82mm SD-Apo Binoculars offer a 2-lens apochromatic optical design which performs very cleanly and is capable of higher magnifications. The ultra-modern multi-coatings also offer high contrast and excellent image brightness. The interpupillary distance of the binoculars is adjustable and the eyepieces are individually focused.

Included with the APM 82mm SD-Apo Binoculars are two APM Super Zoom eyepieces offering magnifications between 30x and 61x. The 2 upper external threads offer the ability to connect a Tele Vue Dioptrix as well as a M43 x 0.75 and M37 x 0.75 adapter. The zoom eyepieces provide the possibility of observing the planets and the moon as well as wide star fields and nebula regions.

The binoculars can be easily mounted on photo tripods and are equipped with a sturdy handle. For better portability and ruggedness, the case is made of magnesium alloy and offers a weatherproof housing. The binoculars also come with front lens covers and eyepiece covers.

The APM 82mm SD-Apo Binoculars specifications include:

– Photo tripod thread: With included Tripod Adapter 1/4″ Thread

– Coating: All optical surfaces fully broadband multicoated

– Housing: Magnesium

– Eye relief: 54 mm: 76 mm

– Diameter field stop: 28 mm

– Front lens diameter: 82 mm

– Objective angle of view: Max 3.4° FOV

– Dimensions: 458 mm x 223 mm x 116 mm

– Focal length: 470 mm

– Dew shields: Extendable

– Number of lenses: 2 Lens (2 Elements/2Groups) FPL-53 SD Lens

– Dew shield ID thread: M 90 x 1-6H, 4 mm depth

– Waterproof: Yes, nitrogen filled

– Eyepieces: Set Super Zoom Eyepieces 30x-61x

– Focusing: Helical Focuser for each Eyepiece with ClickStop

– Magnification: 30x – 61x

– Interpupillary distance: 18mm-20mm

– Weight: 5.6 kg include tripod adapter and eyepieces

You can learn more about the APM 82mm SD-Apo Binoculars here.

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