Starfield GEAR60Q 60mm Quadruplet f/5 Petzvel APO

The Starfield GEAR60Q 60mm Quadruplet f/5 Petzvel APO is a widefield telescope in the Petzval design which means that finding the perfect spacing is easily achieved. Just focus your camera and take your images. The working distance is 41-61mm from the 48mm thread, and a 44mm image circle will illuminate a standard 36x24mm sensor.

Starfield GEAR60Q 60mm Quadruplet f/5 Petzvel APOThe 2.5″ Rack and Pinion Focuser that is included with the Starfield GEAR60Q 60mm Quadruplet f/5 Petzvel APO offers an exceptional standard of performance. The drawtube is securely supported by ball bearings, ensuring a smooth and stable operation that provides exceptional accuracy and allows for the use of heavy cameras and accessories. The optional focusing motor can easily be disengaged to allow for manual focusing with a simple twist.

The focuser also offers a variety of convenient and useful features including:

– A camera angle adjuster or rotator which allows for 360° rotation.

– A precise tilter mechanism, which allows for adjustment to match the telescope to the camera for optimal performance.

– A 1:10 gear reduction for precise focusing.

– The capability to connect a focus motor.

– An integrated filter holder for 2″ filters which is placed in front of the camera.

And integrated handle for accessories and a long dovetail plate round out the package. Multicoated optics are standard for the GEAR60Q and, like each of Starfield’s Gear series telescope, it comes with a soft case with die cut foam. The case has been designed to accommodate the optional focusing motor, or a Pegasus Astro or ZWO focusing motor, and a spot for your imaging camera.

The Starfield GEAR60Q 60mm Quadruplet f/5 Petzvel APO specifications include:

– Aperture: 60 mm

– Focal length: 300 mm

– Focal ratio: f/5

– Optics: 2-element FPL53 objective and 2-element corrector

– Working distance: 41 mm to 61 mm from the M48x0.75 thread – depending on the focuser position

– Drawtube travel: 20 mm

– Illuminated and corrected field of view: 44 mm

– Transport length with dew shield inserted: 270 mm

– Diameter of the dew shield: 93.1 mm

– Weight: 2 kg

You can learn more about the Starfield GEAR60Q 60mm Quadruplet f/5 Petzvel APO here.

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