SVBONY SV705C Planetary Camera

The SVBONY SV705C planetary camera utilizes the Sony IMX585 CMOS color sensor. It features a large sensor format of 1/1.2”, a pixel size of 2.9μm*2.9μm, a high resolution of 8.30MP. (3586*2180) and captures light at a wavelength of 850nm. It also increases the sensitivity by approximately 1.7 times compared to SVBONY IMX485 which it replaces. It produces 45 fps with low readout noise and is well suited for EAA (Electronically Assisted Astronomy) and nebula Imaging.

SVBONY SV705C Planetary CameraThe Sony IMX585’s back-illuminated sensor structure and advanced pixel technology allows the camera to have low readout noise and a large full well capacity (38ke-), especially in low light conditions. The sensor uses a zero amp glow design, no matter how long exposure time or high gain, so that the SV705C offers no amp glow providing a high quality dark image.

The SV705C has a built-in 128MB DDRII image buffer that allows memory to cache the image and transfer it to a computer so that the frame won’t be lost or corrupted. This buffer also allows a slower computer with USB 3.0 to capture every frame without loss even if the USB bus is occasionally busy with other peripherals. This buffer also makes it possible to run another camera using the same computer without USB transfer problems.

The SVBONY SV705C planetary camera is designed with ST4 guiding port, supported by PHD2 and the ASCOM platform. You can connect the camera to the mount by a guiding cable and control the equipment through software on your computer.

SVBONY SV705C planetary camera specifications include:

– Sensor: Sony IMX585

– Total Pixels: 8.3 Mega Pixels

– Diagonal: 12.85mm

– Max Resolution: 3856×2180

– Pixel Size: 2.9μm X 2.9μm

– Chip Size: 11.2mm×6.3mm

– Frame Rate: 45FPS

– Shutter: Rolling shutter

– Exposure Range: 32μs-2000s

– Readout Noise: 6.5e~0.7e

– QE Peak: ≈90%

– Full Well: 38k e

– ADC: 12 bit


– BIN: 1X1 2X2

– Digital noise reduction​: HCG

– Compatible OS: Windows , Linux OS Raspberry PiMac OS, Chrome OS

– Caching: 128M

– Guiding Port: ST4

– Data Port: USB3.0

– Adapters: 1.25″/2″/ M42X0.75/CS/C

– Back Focal Length: 6.5mm/12.5mm

– Protective Window: AR Coating

– Working Humidity: 30%-80%

– Storage Humidity: 20%-90%

– Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C

– Storage Temperature: -20°C to +60°C

– Net Weight: 575g

You can learn more about the new SVBONY SV705C planetary camera here.

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