StarClamps Mount System

The StarClamps Mount System offers a modular system that allows you to mount just about anything to your telescope tube.

StarClamps Mount SystemAs the company notes, “It takes away the mess and the Heath Robinson fixes that we all use. Our system adapts and evolves with you as your needs change. If you get a bigger scope, not a problem, simply get larger clamps and use all your existing trays and plates. Want to mount your Raspberry Pi 4 on your tripod? Easy, simply get our tripod clamps, they’re available in any size and use the same trays you already have, protecting your investment. Everything simply works together. We print everything using high quality PETG to ensure that no matter how hot it is, we won’t let you down.”

Shown is a NUC-1 Mount Tray that is specifically designed to work with Intel NUC’s that have two M3 mounting holes either 85mm or 95mm apart.

The heart of the StarClamps Mount System is a made-to-measure 3D printed clamp that fits snugly around your telescope tube. Once you have the correct clamp, then you can attach the correct plates or trays, for power distribution boxes and small computers such as the Raspberry Pi 4.  As well as the clamps and mounting plates, StarClamps also offers simple and easy cable management clips that simply slot onto any of their mounting plates. No tools are needed, just about everything is fastened with your fingers, no specialist tools to forget or lose, just use your fingers and thumbs.

As the company notes, “Other advantages of our StarClamps system is that you can have dedicated clamps for each telescope and then quickly and easily move your device from one scope to another in just a few minutes. It also means you can assemble your kit at the viewing site as it only takes a few minutes, saving you precious viewing or photography time. No more fiddling around in the dark. As our clamps simply fasten around your telescope tube, are finger tight and felt lined, there’s no adhesive to pull the paint off the tube either, protecting your substantial investment and keeping your telescope in pristine condition.”

The StarClamps Mount System has dedicated plates for specific units such as the PegasusAstro Micro PowerBox, PegasusAstro Advanced PowerBox Gen 2, ASIAir Pro V1 and V2 and a variety of Raspberry Pi 4 cases. They also have generic mounting plates and welcome requests for designing specific mounting plates that they don’t have.

You can learn more about the StarClamps Mount System here.

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