Remote Telescope Hosting Services

Deep Space Products started providing remote telescope hosting services at Astronomer’s Paradise in southwestern New Mexico in the fall of November 2021. They now are offering mount and/or scope discount packages for those who want to purchase new gear for their remote setup.

Remote Telescope Hosting ServicesDeep Space Products’ Edward Thomas explains, “Southern New Mexico has some of the greatest density of private observatories and observatory facilities anywhere in the US but almost all of the observatory facilities are fully booked. So now is the time to get yourself into remote telescope imaging under some of the best skies in the country with Deep Space Remote Telescope Hosting Services by Deep Space Products – DSRTHS.”

Located at 32°07’03.8″N, +108°55’28.9″W / 32.117709, -108.926537,930, the site offers:

– Bortle 1-2 skies

– 4,240′ elevation.

– Average 286 clear nights

– Average temperatures from 28° – 95°.

– Low precipitation, mostly brief rain during the monsoon season and rare snow.

– A guest house for people who wish to come and set up or do maintenance on their equipment.

– 24-7 onsite personnel for security and low to mid-level hands-on support.

– Full electric service included.

– Onsite weather monitoring systems.

– Automatic opening and closing roofs (roof open to west).

– Metal pier prepared for your pier adapter.

– 16′ x 16′ roll off roof room sections.

What you receive with the hosting service system setup:

– An 8-inch diameter pier with a 12 x 12-inch top plate and height appropriate for your system (they can arrange for larger piers).

– Managed POE network switch at the pier.

– Full AC electric service.

– Internet service

– Network connectable power distribution unit (e.g., WebPowerSwitch, Wattbox).

– Dedicated webcam for remote observation of your equipment if necessary.

– In addition, complete system setup, first light, training, and system maintenance services can be obtained through Deep Space Products.

Thomas notes, “The observatories available through Deep Space Telescopes’ Remote Telescope Hosting Services can contain up to four piers depending on the size of the systems. Customers can contract for single piers, multiple piers, or complete buildings. Standard terms are for 12, 24, or 60 months (others can be negotiated) with rates starting at $600/mo.

The current Clear Sky Chart for the facility can be seen here: Astronomer’s Paradise Clear Sky Chart

You can learn more about the Deep Space Products remote telescope hosting services here.

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