Avalon EVO-Quattro Mount

The Avalon EVO-Quattro Mount offers a ultra-high capacity mount that can support telescopes up to 25” in a single or dual configuration. With a payload capacity of 250kg it is an excellent choice to mount heavy telescopes with high accuracy for astrophotography.

Avalon EVO-Quattro MountEntirely made of anodized aluminum and machined with high-precision CNC machines, the Avalon EVO-Quattro Mount offers an internal belt drive system consisting of special polymer fiberglass pulleys and high-precision timing belts. The design allows tracking with no sudden deflections and no backlash, while maintaining a durable product without the need for maintenance. With the high-resolution absolute encoders on both axes, it is possible to obtain accurate alignment and maintain the orientation of the mount even after a power down.

The Avalon EVO-Quattro Mount utilizes the Avalon StarGo2 control system which allows for stand-alone as well as computer-aided operation offering an all-in-one astrophotography management system for a mount, cameras, focuser, etc.

The StarGo2 Pro offers has the following functionality:

– Raspberry Pi 4 based

– Compatible with all Linux astronomy software (Kstar, Stellarium, Carte du Ciel etc.)

– 4″ touchscreen display

– Creates its own hotspot or connects to your network

– Desktop remote connection to StarGo2 Pro Operative System

– Standard Raspberry Pi 4 input/output

– 1 audio port, 2 USB 2.0 ports

– 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 Ethernet port

– 2 individual 12-volt power outputs

– 1 variable 6 to 12-volt power output

– 1 keypad

– Aux 1 RJ connector with ASCOM and INDI drivers

– Multiplatform web app, for system network connection and management of mount


– SkySafari Direct Connect

– Drivers: INDI (Linux, Mac OS); ASCOM Alpaca (Windows OS)

The Avalon EVO-Quattro Mount specifications include:

– Carrying capacity: 250kg

– Drive system: Belt drive system based on a four-stage reduction

– Pulleys: Special fiberglass polymer

– Straps: High precision timing belt

– Stock: Roller bearing

– Material: Anodized aluminum, machined from individual blocks using high-precision 5-axis CNC machines

– GOTO system: StarGo 2 Pro – suitable for Windows, Linux and Mac

– Network connection: LAN, WLAN (external or own hotspot)

– Outputs: Ethernet, 2x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, 2x 12 V, 1x 6 to 12 V, keyboard, AUX RJ

– Touchscreen: 4″

– Dimensions: 270mm x 580mm x 870mm.

– Counterweights: 4x 20kg

– Weight mount head: Approximately 100 kg

– Total weight: Approximately 180 kg

You can learn more about the Avalon EVO-Quattro Mount here.

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