Tecnosky OWL 130/900 SLD

The Tecnosky OWL 130/900 SLD is an apochromatic refractor which has a triplet lens made of Ohara FPL-53 glass, a lanthanum element and another glass with low dispersion. The combination of these three glasses leads to excellent color correction even with very bright objects. Compared to previous versions of the AP 130/900, this model features a new lens cell that is much more thermally stable than its predecessors, and the tube is lighter.

Tecnosky OWL 130/900 SLDAt the end of the tube there is a new 3.7 “rack-and-pinion micrometric focuser with a maximum load of 7kg and with a 1:10 micrometric knob. The focuser can rotate with respect to the tube but also has a field rotator for a camera and 3 different threads for flatteners and other accessories. (M100x1, M92x1 and M68x1). Between the optical tube and the focuser there is an extension that can be removed to be able to focus with all binocular turrets without using correctors and focal multipliers. 50.8 and 31.8mm eyepiece holders have a self-centering system to always have the camera or eyepieces aligned.

The newly designed pipe brackets allow the use of Vixen- and Losmandy-style prism rails. A comfortable grip, ideally suited to attaching additional accessories, such as guidescopes, is located above the rings. The newly designed rings are raised and allow the use of long Vixen or Losmandy bars to be able to balance the tube even with heavy cameras and with bulky filter wheels. Above the rings there is a comfortable handle that also works as an object holder with a Vixen dovetail and numerous holes and slots.

The telescope is compatible with the full frame 1x and 0.8x and 0.72x Tecnosky flatteners. You can, with this telescope, have a focal length of 910mm (1x at f/7), 728mm (0.8X at f/5) and 648mm (0.72x at f/4.9) The drawtube illuminates full-frame cameras and provides precise focusing with 1:10 reduction. Using the integrated field rotator, the camera can be rotated into the desired position in order to find the best field of view. The focuser takes 2” attachments using a self-centering locking system. The same system is also built into the adapter for 1.25” attachments. This means that accessories can be clamped in the precise center, even when wearing thick gloves.

All apochromats in the OWL series come with an interferometric measurement log. This provides a Strehl value of at least 0.95.

The Tecnosky OWL 130/900 SLD specifications include:

– Type: Apochromat Refractor

– Aperture (mm): 130

– Focal length (mm): 900

– Aperture ratio (f/): 6.9

– Resolving capacity: 1.06

– Limit value (mag): 12.4

– Light gathering capacity: 340

– Max. useful magnification: 260

– Lens design: Triplet

– Tube weight(kg): 12

– Coating: FMC

– Stray light baffles in the OTA : Yes

– Dew Shield: Yes

– Prism rail: Losmandy-Style

– Carrying handle: Yes

– Transport case: Yes

– Eyepiece adaptor: 1.25″, 2”

The Tecnosky OWL 130/900 SLD will be available at the end of the year. You can learn more here.

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