APM Comacorrecting 1 1/4″ ED Double Barlow

The APM Comacorrecting 1 1/4″ ED Double Barlow is a photo-visual, apochromatic 2.7x Barlow with ED glass for correcting the off-axis coma in Newtonian telescopes. It can be combined with a second APM 2.7x Barlow and, when mounted at a defined distance from each other, the magnification increases to 6.25x with retaining the coma correction and image flattening performance.

A single Barlow element provides a magnification factor of 2.7x and a fully illuminated image field of 26mm with a back focus of 105mm (measured from the middle of the last lens). For the 6.25x configuration, two 2.7x elements are simply connected to each another via an extension tube. In this configuration there is a corrected field of 14mm diameter at a distance of 84mm (measured from the center of the last lens).

The double Barlow allows high magnifications for planetary images on Newtonian telescopes with an aperture ratio that also allows high frame rates. To setup this, the camera sensor only needs to be mounted 84mm behind the middle of the last lens.

The APM Comacorrecting 1 1/4″ ED Double Barlow offers:

– Modern optic calculation

– FK61 ED glass

– Visually and photographically usable

– High-quality MC coatings

– Excellent image quality

– Thread 28.4mm for 1.25″filters

– Includes 2x APM coma-correcting Barlow element 1.25″ 2.7x; distance tube; and protective covers.

The APM Comacorrecting 1 1/4″ ED Double Barlow offers:

– Housing material: Aluminum

– Optical design: Cemented Doublet

– Coating: Broadband Multicoating

– Designed for: Newtonian Telescopes (optimized for f/4)

– Connecting thread: M 28.4 mm Filter thread on both sides

– Fully illuminated field: 14 mm

– Fully corrected field: 14 mm

– Backfocus: 84 mm (from the center of the last element)

– Magnification: 6.25

– Lenses: 2 x 2 Lenses

You can learn more about the APM Comacorrecting 1 1/4″ ED Double Barlow here.

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