New Buckeyestargazer Shop Telescope Accessories

New Buckeyestargazer Shop telescope accessories are available including Filter Slider Cases for Filter Drawers, Filter Centering Masks and Synta Shoes for Celestron SCTs.

Joel Short, an astroimaging enthusiast located in Northern Indiana, opened the Buckeyestargazer Shop to make available items he has developed to offer affordable and uncomplicated accessories. As Short comments, “These are simple and practical items that I have found to be essential for amateur astronomers.” Among the new Buckeyestargazer Shop telescope accessories available from the Buckeyestargazer Shop include:

Filter Slider Cases for Filter Drawers

New Buckeyestargazer Shop Telescope AccessoriesThe Buckeyestargazer Shop Filter Slider Cases for Filter Drawers are now available for the Blue Fireball Sliders and Starizona original (V1) M48 Sliders. The Filter Slider Case will protect sliders/filters when not in use and also provide quick access for changing out filters in the filter drawer. The sliders are held in place by two strong rare earth magnets, the same as in the filter drawer itself. The case is modular and multiple cases can be attached together via a snap-fit connection to hold multiple sliders in “one” case.  These are sold old singly or in sets of 3, 5 or 7.

Filter Slider Cases models include:

– ZWO-M42Slider: Fits the ZWO M42 Filter Drawer Slider
– ZWO-M54Slider: Fits the ZWO M54 Filter Drawer Slider
– Starizona-M48SliderV1: Fits the original (V1) Starizona M48 Filter Drawer Slider
– Starizona-M48SliderV2: Fits the Starizona “Modular” Filter Drawer Slider (V2)
– BlueFire-M48Slider: Fits the Blue Fireball Filter Drawer Slider

Filter Centering Masks

New Buckeyestargazer Shop Telescope AccessoriesAdding to the Buckeyestargazer line of Filter Centering Masks, the company is now offering masks for Moravian (GXCCD) filter wheels and the Pegasus Indigo filter wheel. These Filter Centering Masks will make it easy to center your filters in a filter wheel and will block any potential light leak due to the filters being off-center in the filter disk seat. Simply place your filter in the filter wheel disk, place the Filter Centering Mask over the filter and fasten with screws. These are sold in sets of 7, 8 or 9 depending on the filter mask size. The masks are available for ZWO, QHY, Atik, QSI filter wheels.

Synta Shoes for Celestron SCTs

The Synta Shoes for Celestron SCTs will mount to the finderscope mounting holes on various telescopes, creating another attachment point for accessories that use a Synta/Vixen style dovetail bar. The shoes are available for the following Celestron SCT models:

New Buckeyestargazer Shop Telescope Accessories– Synta-Shoe-C6: Fits the Celestron C6 SCT. Mounting holes are 32mm apart.
– Synta-Shoe-C8: Fits the Celestron C8 SCT.  Mounting holes are 32mm apart.
– Synta-Shoe-C9.25: Fits the Celestron C9.25 SCT.  Mounting holes are 32mm apart.
– Synta-Shoe-C11: Fits the Celestron C11 SCT.  Mounting holes are 36mm apart.
– Synta-Shoe-C14: Fits the Celestron C14 SCT.  Mounting holes are 36mm apart.

You can learn more about these and other new Buckeyestargazer Shop telescope accessories here.

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