Kendrick Solar Filters

Kendrick Solar Filters are available in a design that offers a built-in sunfinder making centering the sun in your eyepiece a snap. The finder target is visible from both the front and back sides of the filter making centering the sun easy from either end of the telescope. Filters attach to the front of the telescope/binoculars/camera lens and clamp onto the outside of the optical tube assembly (OTA). Many models of the solar filters are available from most products on the market.

Kendrick Solar FiltersThe Kendrick Solar Filters offers filter rims with three tabs that contain a secure threaded insert and a nylon thumb screw, making the filter much lighter without reducing the security of the fit.

According to the Kendrick team, “The main reason is that many telescopes have dovetails or other attachments that interfere with the proper fitting of a solar filter to the telescope. The filter can be placed onto the scope so that the three thumb screws always firmly attach to the body of the scope. As well, the tabs extend down far enough to allow the thumbscrews to connect beyond the bevels found on some dewcaps or the corrector plate rings and tube rings of some telescopes, ensuring a very secure connection to the telescope.”

The Kendrick Solar Filters are constructed of aluminum and utilize Baader Planetarium AstroSolar film. This film has set a new standard for white light filters for their exquisite sharpness and detail across the entire field of view in an eyepiece and give a very pleasing and high-resolution image. The image color is a bluish white. The filters are also available in photographic film.

All models use nylon thumbscrews to secure the filter to your telescope/lens. Nylon is a soft material and will not scratch the pretty paint job. Unlike some “friction fit” system, the fastening system allows the use of a larger frame which increases the clear aperture area for unobstructed full field of view.

The Kendrick sunfinder is also available as a standalone product.  The finder comes with a double-sided adhesive foam tape to easy adhesion to a solar filter ring or other surface.

You can learn more about the Kendrick Solar Filters here.

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