MallinCam SolarCam

The MallinCam SolarCam video imager is the newest in the MallinCam SkyRaider family of astronomical video cameras. It includes the very latest Sony Starvis sensor to deliver the increased sensitivity needed for astronomical observation and imaging of the sun.

MallinCam SolarCamThe new SolarCam is ready for the most demanding applications in video astronomy, excelling at live observing and imaging of the sun and solar system objects. The MallinCam SolarCam is the most versatile video/imaging camera ever created for computer use. All solar system targets can be observed live while images are captured or while video is recorded simultaneously.

The MallinCam SolarCam utilizes a 2.90 effective square megapixel, ceramic CMOS sensor. The sensor is a 1/1/2″ type and measures 12.8 mm diagonally. The camera delivers 8.4 M pixels high resolution images using solar telescope types. An optional standard focal reducer or Barlow can be used to further increase the field of view or increase magnification needed for those spectacular large astronomical objects.

The SolarCam does not stop at solar system objects, offering the ability to do deep sky imaging. Even though the pixel size is not ideal for deep sky objects, with the ability to bin and apply dark and flat fields, it can still provide amazing captures.

The MallinCam SolarCam features and specifications include:

– IMX485LQJ1 Industrial Ceramic CMOS sensor

– No “Newton Rings”

– Flame-fusion glass used throughout

– Back illuminated Class 1 CMOS sensor

– Support 4K resolution

– Total pixels: 8.5 M pixels

– Active pixels: 8.4 M pixels

​- Passive fan cooled

– Free software with free updates

– T Mount to 1.25″ C Mount (Adapter Included)

– With digital binning of 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, 8×8

– Star registration system for live stacking on the Fly

– Ideal for all motorized Alt-Az mounted telescopes

– Supports and includes full trigger mode

– Image format: FITS, JPEG, BMP, PNG

– Video format: SER and AVI

– 12.8 mm diagonal

– Number of effective pixels: 3864 (H) × 2180 (V)

– Transfer method: all-pixel scan

– Full HD

– Hand selected sensor Class 1 scientific grade

– Guiding: ST4 protocol

– All aluminum construction, precision CNC machining

– Hand crafted electronics assembly

– 315 grams / 11.10 oz.

– 75 mm length X 68 mm

You can learn more about the MallinCam SolarCam here.

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