The ZWO ASI461MM Pro camera is a medium format camera that uses the Sony IMX461 sensor to deliver high-quality and crisp images of celestial objects. It has the native 16-bit ADC with 65536 levels, back illuminated structure and high quantum efficiency and great performance in DSO imaging, Milky Way imaging and scientific research. It features very low readout noise and nearly zero visible fixed-pattern noise.

ZWO ASI461MM ProThe ZWO ASI461MM Pro is a 100 Megapixel camera with a large sensor size of 44mmx33mm and a high resolution of 11656×8750. The 3.76 μm pixel accommodates an impressive full well capacity of 50.3ke. While at Bin2 mode, you can get an even larger full well capacity of 198ke and a larger pixel size of 7.5μmx7.5μm.

Traditional CMOS sensors can produce a weak infrared light source during operation, which is quite often seen in the corner of uncalibrated images. This is the tell-tale sign of “amp glow.” As the ASI461MM Pro uses zero amp glow circuitry, you won’t have to worry about amp glow even when using high gain, long exposure imaging.

The ZWO ASI461MM Pro comes with a polyimide heater that sits on top of the protective window and will heat the window to avoid any dew problems. The power consumption of the heater is around 5W. You can turn this function off in your imaging software if you want to save power.

The ASI461MM Pro is integrated with HCG mode, which can help greatly reduce readout noise and keep the dynamic range at a high level when you’re using higher gain. When the set gain is 100, the HCG mode will automatically turn on, and the readout noise can be very low while effectively leaving the dynamic range unchanged.

ZWO ASI461MM ProThe QE curve and readout noise are two of the most important elements to measure a camera’s performance. Based on ZWO’s calculation, the QE peak value of the ASI461 is 91%. This high quantum efficiency contributes to the camera’s ability to give great performance during DSO imager, Milk Way imaging, and scientific research.

The ZWO ASI461MM Pro camera comes with a two-stage TEC cooling system. This allows the ASI461 camera to precisely control the temperature of the sensor and lower it to 30~35°C below ambient temperature. The Delta T 30°C~35°C is tested at 30°C ambient temperature. If working for a long time, it may go down. Also, as the ambient temperature falls, it would cause the Delta T to decrease as well.

An external power supply is needed to operate the ASI461MM Pro. It is recommended that you use a 12V@3A DC adapter (5.5×2.1mm, center pole positive) or a lithium battery with 11-15V. Using a power supply out of this voltage range will most likely result in irreparable damage to the camera.

The ASI461MM Pro specifications include:

– Sensor: 3.4″ CMOS Sony-IMX461ALR-C

– QE peak: 91%

– Back focus length: 17.5mm/22.5mm

– Max fps: 3.77fps

– Full well: 50.3Ke

– Shutter: Rolling shutter

– Resolution: 101.99 megapixel, 11656×8750

– Pixel Size: 3.76µm

– Exposure Range: 32μs~2000s

– Interface: USB 3.0 Type-B

– Protect window: D79.3-4 AR

– ADC: 16bit

– Dimension: 43.856mm x 32.9mm

– Weight: 910g

– Working Temperature: -5°C~50°C

– Storage Temperature: -10°C~60°C

– Working Relative Humidity: 0-80%

– Supported OS: WIN7/8/10 32&64, Linux, Mac

You can learn more about the ZWO ASI461MM Pro here.

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