Artesky Twist Lock Adapter

The new Artesky Twist Lock Adapter offers an enhanced and faster locking system for Sky-Watcher Newtonians. It also will help improve the precision of your camera and coma corrector system

Artesky Twist Lock AdapterThis locking system, when compared to a classic 2 “eyepiece holder with screw closure, allows better tightening and eliminates any possible bending of the optical train, making it a must-have for astro imagers.

The self-centering Twist Lock closure does not damage any accessory with unsightly marks and keeps the system perfectly in line with the optical axis. It is also excellent as a support for laser or OCAL collimation. The closure is managed thanks to an external ring that allows easy locking and, with a grip system, you will have an easy closure even in the presence of humidity or in winter.

Users can simply change the original black adapter with two screws and apply the new Artesky Twist Lock Adapter. The thickness of this adapter is only 21mm.

Artsky reports it has tested the adapter with the following coma correctors: Sky-Watcher F5, Sky-Watcher F4, Baader MKIII, Artesky 0.95x and Sharpstar MPCC 1x.

The Artesky Twist Lock Adapter is compatible with Sky-Watcher Newtonians with the original focuser including: 150PDS, 200PDS, 250PDS, 300PDS, Quattro 6S, Quattro 8S, Quattro 10S, and Quattro 12S.

You can learn more here.

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