The Dobson Factory

The Dobson Factory usually builds Dobsonian telescopes on demand as orders are made and has now announced that they have a limited supply of instruments in stock.

The Dobson FactoryThe Dobson Factory is a French workmanship company, located in Blanzy, South Burgundy, France, owned by Pierre Desvaux. As Desvaux, notes, “At a time when it is quite difficult to find a commercial instrument coming from exotic countries, buy an “artisan” one!”

Among the telescopes available are the Ultralight 12″ f/4 Dobsonian which is specifically dedicated for travelling and easy transportation. It is usually accepted as stowable luggage on airlines, making it an excellent instrument for mobile astronomers.

The Dobson Factory 16″ Dobsonian, despite its large performance capabilities, is compact, reasonably light, and easy to handle and transport. And at f/4, you will not need a ladder.

The Dobson Factory 24″ Dobsonian is an admittedly large telescope that still offers a reasonable size and, at f/3.3, the focal length is 1980mm and offers the expected light gathering capability of a telescope in this size segment.

As Desvaux, notes, “You can install the optics you may wish, according to your budget and expectations in terms of quality. Chinese optics are available rapidly. “Artisan” made optics usually take 3 to 4 months to be made. We suggest the optics made by Mirrosphere, a excellent optic maker from France.”

You can learn more about The Dobson Factory telescope availability here.

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