Prism v11 Astroimaging Software

Prism v11 Astroimaging Software is the latest version of Hyperion Astronomy’s all-inclusive software program for astro imagers.

Prism v11 Astroimaging SoftwareOriginally created over 25 years ago, Prism V11 runs alone and requires no external software to interact with it to operate. There is no need for autofocus, guiding, plate solving, etc. – it is completely autonomous. You will not need anything other software – PRISM provides a complete suite for autoguding on the centroid of a star, on multiple stars, using Fast fourrier transformations, or even a slit. PRISM includes intelligent countermeasures to make your guiding perfect; it can even watch your declination drift and reverse course, especially useful after a meridian flip. Whether you have an ASCOM, DirectShow or any other supported cameras like SBIG, PRISM can connect and control your entire observatory.

The Prism v11 Astroimaging software is offered in two versions:

Prism v11 Lite

Prism v11 Lite offers a way for new users to take their imaging to the next level. It provides a detailed Sky Chart to both plan observations and control the telescope position. It also features the ability to use both CCD, CMOS and Canon DSLR cameras as well as an Autoguider. There is a built-in auto focus capability for pinpoint stars and plate solving is also included. You can calibrate and enhance your images using a wide range of image stacking and processing features.

Prism v11 Advanced

In Prism V10 a Pro and Advanced version were offered. In Version 11 those have been combined into the Advanced version. This version includes all the features available in the Lite package plus it adds a number of advanced options including the ability of running two simultaneous telescopes and guiding at the same time and is capable of cosmetic and scientific imaging.

More information about Prism v11 Astroimaging software is available at the Hyperion here.

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