Unistellar Nocturne App Update

A Unistellar Nocturne App Update is now available. Unistellar has launched in Nocturne V2 for iPhone, helping users to identify constellations, galaxies, nebulae, planets and more in their own night photos.

Unistellar Nocturne App UpdateBy selecting various viewing options from the ‘Overlay’ tab in the app, Nocturne V2 allows users to improve their knowledge of the star-scape and learn to identify deep-space objects. Users can, via their smartphones, take their own images, and Nocturne V2 will reveal constellations, and distant galaxies and nebulae, as well as identify the locations of planets from our solar system.

Autonomous Field Detection technology, taken from Unistellar’s eVscope telescopes, turns your phone into a mini astrophotography telescope, able to recognize the astronomical objects in its field of view. The app is completely free of charge, and new features even include the option to share images over the world, bringing us closer together through the beauty of Earth’s nightscapes.

“We are incredibly excited to be launching the latest version of the Nocturne app. It is our goal to always be thinking of ways to improve education and access to the night sky – for all – and we are proud of what we have achieved with this project.” says Arnaud Malvache, President and founder of Unistellar. “Being able to not only photograph the stars but identify which constellations and astronomical objects you are capturing in your own pictures is another way to increase our knowledge and understanding of what lies beyond Earth.”

Once Nocturne (available free of charge in the Apple Store) is installed on your iPhone, capturing stunning images of the sky after dark could not be easier:

Step 1: Identify a beautiful nightscape to photograph.

Step 2: Stabilize your iPhone using a tripod or by resting your device on a solid surface.

Step 3: Launch the Nocturne app.

Step 4: Take the picture (duration from 1 to 4 min).

Step 5: Through the Overlay menu, you can now add constellations, planets, and deep-sky objects on your own picture.

You can learn more about the Unistellar Nocturne App Update here.

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