Sharpstar Z4 100mm Sextuplet APO Astrograph

The new Sharpstar Z4 100mm Sextuplet APO Astrograph features a sextuplet design with a 3-element front lens and a 3-element rear integrated corrector. The Z4 offers an integrated astrograph with an aperture of 100mm and focal ratio of f/5.5. Just like other series of Sharpstar astrographs, the Z4 is designed as self-flattened so there is no need to calculate the back focus. You can just make the target stay at the focus, and the optical system is perfect for imaging.

Sharpstar Z4 Sextuplet APO AstrographThe appearance of the Sharpstar Z4 100mm Sextuplet APO Astrograph is new for Sharpstar with its matte gray coating. The light gray lens tube plus dark gray focuser and tube ring give the astrograph a unique, sleek look. The tube ring has a handle on the top which is easy to carry and assemble. The handle is designed as a Vixen-style finder slot on which you can mount a finder base, etc.

The Z4 uses a large 3.4″ focuser with a 1:10 fine adjustment knob and a 360° rotator for easy focusing and angle adjustment. It has M82, M68, M54, M48 adapters, and the M48 adapter has an internal thread that can fit 2” filters. A 300mm Vixen-style dovetail plate makes it easier to balance the telescope on an equatorial mount.

The Sharpstar Z4 100mm Sextuplet APO Astrograph specifications include:

– Aperture: 100mm

– Focal ratio: F/5.5

– Objective lens: sextuplet fully air-spaced APO (including two ED glasses)

– Image circle: 36mm

– Back focus: 55mm from the M48 thread

– Total length: 482mm

– Net weight: 4.3kg

– Gross weight: 5.6kg without the aluminum box

– Rear-end thread : M48x0.75 male thread

Tapered adapter: M86x1-M68x1; M68x1-M54x0.75; M54x0.75-M54x0.75 M54x0.75-M48x0.75 (with M48x0.75 filter thread)

– Tube ring: Dovetail plate, Handle, 4-piece photographical adapter

You can learn more about the Sharpstar Z4 100mm Sextuplet APO Astrograph here.

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