Orion AstroView 102mm Equatorial Refractor

The Orion AstroView 102mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope offers sharp optics, a sturdy equatorial mount and low-maintenance design.

Orion AstroView 102mm Equatorial RefractorWith an intermediate focal length of 700mm (f/6.9), the AstroView 102mm EQ has more magnifying power than “short tube” refractors but a wider field of view (1.9° with the included 25mm Plossl) than “long tube,” longer focal length telescopes.

The 102mm diameter (4.0″) fully multi-coated achromatic objective lens can reveal the mountains and craters on the Moon and it also provides enough light grasp to resolve brighter deep space objects like star clusters and nebular clouds. And because the Astroview 102 EQ is a refractor, its optics are precision aligned at the factory and never have to be adjusted with periodic collimation.

The Orion AstroView 102mm Equatorial Refractor includes a 2″ aluminum rack and pinion focuser. It includes a step-down adapter to accommodate the included 1.25″ 90-degree mirror diagonal and 25mm and 10mm Plossl eyepieces. These eyepieces provide magnifications of 28x and 70x respectively, and have barrels threaded for optional Orion 1.25″ filters. The 2″ focuser allows use of an optional 2″ diagonal and 2″ eyepieces, if desired, for wider-field views. The included EZ Finder II red dot scope makes it easy to aim the AstroView 102 EQ precisely to your target.

The sturdy EQ-13 equatorial mount offers smooth tracking capabilities, whether utilized manually with the slow-motion control cables provided or with an optional electronic drive for hands-free tracking. The adjustable-height stainless steel tripod features a twist-on accessory tray. The mount is also equipped with a Vixen-style dovetail saddle that allows you to quickly attach or remove the optical tube — which has a compatible dovetail mounting bar — without tools.

Also included is the Orion MoonMap 260 to help identify and view some 260 craters, mountains, “seas” — even spacecraft landing sites – on the lunar surface.

The Orion AstroView 102mm Equatorial Refractor specifications include:

– Optical design: Refractor:

– Optical diameter: 102mm

– Focal length: 700mm

– Focal ratio: f/6.9

– Coatings: Multi-coated

– Optics type: Air-spaced doublet

– Glass material: Crown/Flint

– Eyepieces: Plossl 25.0mm,10.0mm (1.25″)

– Magnification with included eyepieces: 28x, 70x

– Resolving power: 1.14arc*sec

– Lowest useful magnification: 14x

– Highest useful magnification: 201x

– Highest theoretical magnification: 300x

– Limiting stellar magnitude 12.5

– Optical quality: Diffraction limited

– Finder scope: EZ Finder II

– Focuser: 2″ Crayford

– Diagonal degrees: 1.25″ 90° Mirror Star

– Mount type: Equatorial

– Dovetail bar system: Yes

– Motor drive compatibility Clock drive sold separately

– Setting circles: Yes

– Counterweights: One 4.8 lb.

– Tube material: Aluminum

– Tripod materia: lSteel

– Tripod leg diameter: 1.25 in.

– Counterweight bar length: 9 in.

– Diameter of counterweight shaft: 14mm

– Height range of mount: 36.50 in. – 54.00 in.

– Length of optical tube: 26.5 in.

– Weight, optical tube: 6.7 lbs.

– Weight, mount/tripod: 16.8 lbs.

– Weight, fully assembled: 23.5 lbs.

– Additional included accessories: MoonMap 260

– Other features: 2″ R&P focuser with 1.25″ adapter, Twist-in accessory tray, Vixen-style dovetail mounting bar

You can learn more about the Orion AstroView 102mm Equatorial Refractor here.

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